Jens Demol - Dominololzz -

He is 16 years old.
He has been building for a long time.
He is still intrest in building dominoes and doing it with passion.

But when something fails, he's always angry and a little bit agressive 


*****: giving idea's // Building



Dimas Deganck - dominololzz -

He is 16 years old.
He has been building domino since he was a little child. He doesn't only build, he also do other things for domino. He makes programs and calculations. He had a little break, but now he builds again.

*****: Building // Mathematical planning

Lowie Beirnaert - eiwOLdomino -

He is 17 years old.
The builder with the most fantasy. He's te master of planning.

He mostly plans the field that we build. Some field that he planned can you find HERE.

He also arranges things with the press.


*****: Building // Planning 




Olivier - eiwOLdomino

He is 17 years old.
He loves building dominoes.
He looks of everything is okey. He is also a good builder!
If something fails, he will build it again but then better.

motto: check, dubble check ? lets toplle it ! 

He is 12 years old.

Every second thinks he on domino.

He's very motivated.

If he builts, it never fails.

During the build he's very centered.