What's BDT?

BDT is a dominoteam from Belgium (Belgiumdominoteam).

We try to break Belgium records and also to make big dominoprojects.



Who are the members of BDT?

There are many builders in BDT.

The heads of BDT are:

Jens and Dimas (From Dominololzz)

Lowie and Olivier (From Eiwoldomino)

Sander (From Sandermovies)

Other builders are:

Mattia, Aäron, Mathieu, Thomas and Lucas.


Where is BDT?

There are diffrent places where we build.


How many dominoes has BDT?

Mostly, we hire our dominoes. 


What's the biggest project we made?

We've made a dominofield with 80.000 dominoes!

With this field we've broken the Belgian record!


How can I join?

click HERE to contact.